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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CovidSMS?

CovidSMS is a text messaging subscription service that allows local level information to be quickly disseminated into our communities. First, users would text the number “888-414-5539” Then, they would enter their zip code and receive the statistics of the number of cases in their 3 closest cities. Lastly, they would be given 3 options. 


Our functions currently include these 3 options:

A: Get local covid stats

B: Turn on daily updates

C: Update zip code


Because this is an opt-in service, Option A provides current local COVID-19 statistics of LA County and the 3 nearest cities. Option B enables users to turn ON and OFF daily notifications (daily at noon EST). Option C allows users to change their zip code. 


To try the service for yourself, text your 5-digit zip code to 888-414-5539 

How will CovidSMS help our communities?

CovidSMS will help both our community members and our city officials. Community members will be well-informed about their city’s statistics and updates on any regulations. City officials will have a method to quickly and efficiently notify their community members in a streamlined fashion.

Although CovidSMS currently only has these 3 options, we recognize the importance of communicating with city officials to cater our service to each community's needs. Our hope is that with the  ‘daily updates’ feature, city officials can utilize the server to share up-to-date information that is relevant to its residents, including city regulations, safety recommendations, and local resources.

How can users support us and help?

Please reach out and contact us for more information or questions. We are in need of sponsorships in order to keep the texting service toll-free for its users. You can reach us at

Do you live in LA County?

Our service supports both zip code and county level specific data for the LA County. We are currently working on making this available for more cities across the nation

Where is the data coming from?

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